Canadians love financial independence! And this book will help you achieve it.

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"The Wealthy Barber started the trend. Peter Dolezal's book has pushed the envelope to a new level; full of contemporary easy-to-read-and-understand examples and TIPS. I have long felt, as a former university professor, that nothing is more important in a curriculum than financial literacy concepts. This book fills the bill -- and then some. These are the lessons of life!" -- G. Lorne Firman, Labour Lawyer.

"For young adults and those of us who find financial material desperately 'dry', this book is an invitation to an excellent, easy, instructional and informational read! The 120 TIPS are a great guide for persons of all ages," says Mary-Lynn Hyndman, Operating Theatre Nurse.

"I really enjoyed pondering the possibilities, both personally and educationally, that this book offers. The style of writing is easy to follow and inviting to all age groups. The content offers much latitude for entry into the subject of personal financial management. I highly recommend this book to my own grown kids and suggest that everyone would profit from reading it!" -- J. L. Shaw-Ringham, Educator

"Congratulations, Peter! Your simple and straightforward explanation of difficult financial concepts provides a great roadmap to wealth-creation and its management for all ages. I'd love to see your book incorporated into the life skills program in all high schools." -- Allan Crawshaw, IT Executive.

"I wish I had had a family member share this crucial information with me when I was young. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort over the years. Lucky grandkids indeed, to receive this smart guidance while still young adults!" -- Christina Issmer, Dental Hygienist

"This book should be required reading for all who wish to learn to manage their money with a view to accumulating wealth." -- Richard Keogh, M.D., Radiologist

"Peter Dolezal takes the reader on an easy-to-read-and-understand journey by defining all of the concepts covered in a well-organized, plain-language approach to building financial health and wealth. Reading it yourself will be very rewarding, but giving it to your children will be priceless!" -- Bruce Clow, Human Resources Executive, and Past Trustee Public Service Pension Plan

"A challenge to educators! Use Peter's book in your high school or college business class. Teach to his wealth-accumulation TIPS. Do the math activities he suggests to let students see how growth works. Both teacher and student will be the wiser and richer for it!" -- Sandra Jacques, Educator



Click HERE to buy the book!


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