The Introduction (continued)

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We three enjoyed our project immensely. Because I love writing, I told Jenny and Kevin to relax as we talked, without taking notes, since my plan was to write a book capturing the essence of our chats.

This book is a summary of those Saturday sessions.

It serves as a practical guide for a relatively safe, and predictable path to personal wealth-creation and long-term financial independence.

The contents will provide not only all our grandchildren, but also Canadians of all ages, with a reference point for lifelong use.

At the outset, I emphasized to Jenny and Kevin that our discussions were not intended to make them experts in all matters related to the principles of financial management, financial planning and investment. Nor is this book so intended.

My purpose instead, is to provide a sufficient basic understanding of these subjects, so that they, or you, the reader, could act knowledgeably, and perhaps independently, in a prudent, and financially beneficial manner.

This book is not meant to replace the need for an independent financial planner or advisor, whose services can be invaluable as you navigate your way toward a financially stress-free retirement.

The key conclusions reached in our discussions are highlighted in the form of easy-to-understand TIPS. Taken together, these TIPS are the framework that Canadians can adopt to greatly enhance their ability to build their own net-worth and ultimately, to achieve financial independence.

Because few of us have been exposed to formal lessons in the basics of financial literacy, it is my hope that this book will prove beneficial to a cross-section of Canadians of all ages. Hopefully you, the reader, will benefit personally, but also, will emerge better equipped to provide guidance to your own children and grandchildren.


Throughout this book, I have often used the masculine, singular form in making specific points. This is done simply for the sake of convenience. I hope that the many female readers will accept that no sexist bias is intended.

Read on. Eavesdrop on a chat between a wise old goat and two voracious youngsters who, eager to evolve into financially-savvy adults, are convinced that they too, will achieve financial independence -- probably a lot sooner than their grandparents did.

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"As a retired educator and Principal, I am impressed with the book's common sense practices that point the way to long-term financial security, both for young adults, and for their parents and grandparents." -- William Smith, BPE, MA



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