Looking for financial independence? Experts recommend "The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder"

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"This comprehensive yet eminently readable book is an excellent guide to money management, saving and investing. It will be valuable to Canadians of all ages, but especially so for young adults beginning their working careers. This book neatly fills a large gap in the financial literacy of many people," recommends Dr. Howard Petch, President Emeritus, University of Victoria.

"Congratulations to Peter for shining a light on many of the financial issues that all of us grapple with on our journey through life. I only wish this book had been available when I was younger, in order to have made better decisions myself. This book is a gift to all who read it," says Brian Gillespie, Past President, British Columbia Institute of Technology.

A PRACTICAL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO WEALTH-CREATION. Similar in style and understandability to "The Wealthy Barber" but more comprehensive and up-to-date, including very important, newer investment options for Canadians.

"The interactive style in this book should produce useful dialogue between parent and child that will be of great value not only to the student, but also the adult. Its 120 TIPS bring an excellent focus to the critical messages found throughout the book. This work definitely fills a vital gap in the education of Canadians," says Richard J. Carter, Deputy Minister of Education (Retired), Province of British Columbia.

The SMART CANADIAN WEALTH-BUILDER: Stepping Stones to Financial Independence
"...shines a light on many of the financial issues that all of us grapple with..."

"This is such an important subject which has largely been ignored. Congratulations on identifying the need and then doing something about it. Your book is both practical and, most importantly, understandable. I wish I had had something like this in my younger years," says Claude G. Heywood, Deputy Minister of Labour (Retired), Province of British Columbia.



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