Why you NEED this book — it will improve your life and your family's

The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder:

Contact the author, Peter Dolezal, directly to arrange appearances

c/o Cufflands Publishing, 9711 Second Street, Sidney, BC V8L 3C3, Canada, phone 250-656-2462

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Listen to Peter interviewed by Murray Langdon at C-FAX 1070 by clicking on this C-FAX logo: . This MP3 is a 9.2 Mb file so it may take a few moments to download to your computer or, if your computer is set up properly, the audio will begin almost immediately. The interview is about 20 minutes long.

Coming soon: more appearances on C-FAX 1070 AM and other media coverage.

"Peter Dolezal takes the reader on an easy-to-read-and-understand journey by defining all of the concepts covered in a well-organized, plain-language approach to building financial health and wealth. Reading it yourself will be very rewarding, but giving it to your children will be priceless!"
--Bruce Clow, Human Resources Executive, and Past Trustee of a Public Service Pension Plan



Click HERE to buy the book!

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