Peter Dolezal tells why he wrote the book:
meet his grandchildren, Jenny and Kevin

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Jenny and Kevin are the two oldest of our five grandchildren. Jenny, at twenty, is attending community college. Kevin is nearing high school graduation. Neither has yet settled on a specific career path.

Both Jenny and Kevin have always been intrigued by Grandma's and my retirement lifestyle. To them, we seem to live better than many other couples, even when both partners are still working full-time. They often try to figure out how we manage to be so comfortable financially.

Guidance counselors at the high schools and colleges are available to help Kevin, Jenny, and their classmates sort out their career interests. A huge gap exists however, throughout the education system. It has not yet begun to address students' needs for an understanding of personal financial management and wealth-creation.

Failure to equip our youth with at least the basics of financial literacy, does not serve society well. Graduates leave school poorly-equipped to manage their incomes once they enter the real world of employment. At best, this basic life-skill deficiency becomes a drag on their efforts at future wealth-creation, and their ultimate financial independence. At worst, it increases their risk of drifting into irresponsible financial behaviour.

Youth is smart. Generally they understand the basic concept -- the better their education level, the greater their opportunity for a quality lifestyle, which they equate to making more money. No one teaches young adults however, how to develop even a simple financial plan, or how to save, spend and invest wisely, as their career progresses.

As a consequence, many of us are left to develop our money-management skills the hard way -- through personal trial and error. For many, this leads to an early, and at times lasting debt-trap, with potentially severe consequences for their and their family's future well-being.

Having had a lifelong passion and interest in all aspects of financial planning and investment, I jumped at the chance, when Jenny's and Kevin's curiosity became evident, to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with them.

The format I suggested was simple. Working around their school and part-time work schedules, we could get together at my home, for a series of Saturday afternoon discussions. I would share with them, in a simple yet comprehensive manner, my experiences, with lessons learned over forty years, and my own efforts at wealth-creation.

To my surprise and delight, both Jenny and Kevin embraced the idea, especially after I made THE OFFER -- if they were interested enough to sit through the entire series of Saturday discussions, Grandma and I would stake them to $1,000 each. With their new-found knowledge, they could invest this wisely, adding to their existing, very modest investment account.


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"Congratulations, Peter! Your simple and straightforward explanation of difficult financial concepts provides a great roadmap to wealth-creation and its management for all ages. I'd love to see your book incorporated into the life skills program in all high schools." -- Allan Crawshaw, IT Executive



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