*Third Edition - October 2017


Understandable and honest – Peter Dolezal's book lays out the steps to YOUR financial independence

Author exposes why traditional mutual funds are a major drag on your investment portfolio. Over your lifetime, you'll earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more by simply switching to low-fee alternatives. You'd be crazy NOT to follow the TIPS in this unique book.

"This book is obviously the product of an experienced and astute practitioner. Peter Dolezal's clear and disciplined approach to wealth-creation and achievement of financial independence will prove invaluable to Canadians of all ages – from the high school senior to the retiree," wrote Mel Couvelier, former Minister of Finance, Province of British Columbia.

A PRACTICAL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO WEALTH-CREATION. Similar in style and understandability to "The Wealthy Barber" but more comprehensive and up-to-date, including very important, newer investment options for Canadians.

Whether you are:

  • a student or young adult wondering how to set up a life-long plan to assure yourself of enough money to own a home and comfortable lifestyle, or
  • into your career but confused about how to save regularly, and where to put that money (RRSPs? TFSA? Mutual funds? Life insurance?...), or
  • middle-aged and needing to plan for pensions and retirement living, or
  • retired and concerned about your savings and pensions, or
  • simply wanting to give a young person in your life the best possible financial advice,

this is the book you NEED. Stop being confused and losing sleep. Buy Peter Dolezal's book today and you'll KNOW what to do.


The SMART CANADIAN WEALTH-BUILDER: Stepping Stones to Financial Independence
"...shines a light on many of the financial issues that all of us grapple with..."

"Peter Dolezal's newest book oozes credibility, and provides a practical insight into how to create and sustain wealth. Especially useful for young adults, this book should be mandatory reading for all high school and post-secondary students. A must read for all Canadians," says Bob Skene, FCA, Past Chairman, Chancellor and President, Royal Roads University.

About the author, PETER DOLEZAL

Peter Dolezal, B.A., M.B.A., former CEO of major Canadian corporations, is now semi-retired in Victoria. Author of several books, he is a lifelong investor in, and student of, the financial services industry. Through this book, he shares his knowledge and experience in a clear, yet comprehensive manner.

Table of Contents


The Foundation
One            Breaking the Ice --The First Saturday
Two            Our Culture of Debt
Three          The Debt Drag
Four           Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
Five           Smart Use of Credit
Six            Home Ownership
Seven          Mortgages
Eight          The Saving Challenge
Nine           Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
Ten            Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
Eleven         Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
Twelve         TFSA vs. RRSP Decisions
Thirteen       The Magic of Compounding

Understanding Investments
Fourteen       Fixed-Income Investments
Fifteen        Bond Investments
Sixteen        Stocks
Seventeen      Real Estate Investments
Eighteen       Investment Risk

Mutual Funds
Nineteen       Mutual Funds -- An Investment Vehicle
Twenty         Actively-Managed Mutual Funds                     
Twenty-One     Passively-Managed Portfolio

Financial Planning
Twenty-Two     The Financial Plan
Twenty-Three   Your Personal Financial Plan
Twenty-Four    Your Personal Investment Plan

Understanding Pensions
Twenty-Five    Canadian Pension Income Sources
Twenty-Six     Retirement Affordability
Twenty-Seven   Retirement Strategies

The Entrepreneur
Twenty-Eight   Owning Your Own Business

Miscellany -- More Money Management
Twenty-Nine    Insurance Decisions
Thirty         Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
Thirty-One     Making the Most of an Inheritance         
Thirty-Two     The Late-Starter Investor
Thirty-Three   Buy-and-Hold Strategy -- A Rethink?
Thirty-Four    Purchase and/or Sale of Investment Products
Thirty-Five    Selecting a Financial Planner / Advisor

Final Wisdom
Thirty-Six     Key Steps to Wealth-Creation -- A Summary





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